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ECE Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 1 image

ECEC 1626 - ECE Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 1

Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 1 introduces the basic skills necessary for the productive development of workbooks. Students will enter data, work with numbers, edit and print worksheets, work with formulas and functions, format the contents of cells, change the appearance of worksheets, and chart worksheet data.
ECE Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 2 image

ECEC 1627 - ECE Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 2

Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 2 develops intermediate skills that feature data management in worksheets and workbooks. Students will work with large worksheets, manage multiple-sheet workbooks, apply advanced functions, use auditing features, add graphics to worksheets, use templates, and protect workbooks.
ECE Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 3 image

ECEC 1628 - ECE Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 3

Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 3 develops more complex features such as using a worksheet as a database and importing data. Students will create PivotTables and macros, use financial functions and data analysis, use advanced formatting and analysis tools, collaborate in Excel, and integrate Excel with other programs.
ECE Society of Human Resource Management SHRM-CP & SHRM-SCP Exam Preparation image

ECEC 1593 - ECE Society of Human Resource Management SHRM-CP & SHRM-SCP Exam Preparation

Earning your SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP credential makes you a recognized expert and leader in the HR field—and a valuable asset to your organization, keeping you and your organization more competitive in today’s economy.
This professional distinction sets you apart from your colleagues, proving your high level of knowledge and skills.
The SHRM Learning System Provides: The SHRM Learning System® for SHRM-CP/SHRMSCP provides interactive tools and updated content that reflects the SHRM BoCK tested on the SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP exams. Gain a generalist viewpoint, refresh key ideas and concepts, strengthen your understanding of core competencies and increase productivity.

ECEC 1705 - ECE Executive Leadership Series

The Executive Leadership Series includes six dynamic sessions designed for CEOs and Executives to bolster communications, evolve companies, and elevate leadership skills.

IAMT 0001 - Summer Youth Experience: Automate a Robotic Arm

In this course, students will learn basic sensing and locomotion principles as they build and control a robotic e-puck using computer simulation. While using lab equipment such as oscilloscopes, multimeters, power supplies, function generators and frequency counters, students will also design, automate and program a robotic arm.

AUTO 0001 - Summer Youth Experience: Basic Automotive Care

Basic Automotive Maintenance provides instruction on the proper maintenance regime for your vehicle and what basic maintenance you can perform safely such as fixing flat tires, changing oil, and maintaining a vehicle.

CULA 0003 - Summer Youth Experience: Become A Chef

Become a Chef: Culinary Arts Basics. June 14-16, 11:00am - 2:00pm. Tuesday-Thursday. Culinary Arts Kitchen. Introduction to Culinary Arts Basics. Students will be immersed into the Culinary Profession through hands on kitchen activities including, Doughnuts, Pizza, Decorated Cookies, Pastry Creams. Students will be required to obtain a Food Handlers Permit prior to enrolling. Cost includes a $40 lab fee

ITEC 0004 - Summer Youth Experience: Building A Secure Computer System

Learn the fundamentals of processors, motherboards, CPU, video cards and more. Then use all that knowledge to build a secure computer system.

COMP 0003 - Summer Youth Experience: Building Parts out of Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass

Students will use carbon fiber materials to learn about the composites field.

ITEC 0003 - Summer Youth Experience: Coding for Teens

Teens are creative and coding demands creativity. In this short course, students will create colorful web pages and learn how to make great ideas come to life on the computer screen. Find out how to be successful in one of the fastest-growing, highest-paying job fields in America.

IAMT 0006 - Summer Youth Experience: Drones/Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Students will learn to operate and construct a fully functional quadcopter kit. The students are provided with theory through lectures and hands-on activities that focus on history, safety and construction of UAV’s. The instructor will guide the students through the assembly process and initial flight plans. Students will receive their very own quadcopter to take home.

DENA 0003 - Summer Youth Experience: Explore Dentistry

This course introduces students to the dental profession and explores the skills used in dental care. Students will take dental impressions, learn dental terminology and practice with dental instruments.

MEDA 0002 - Summer Youth Experience: Explore Medical Assisting

This course will take a look at all things Medical Assisting. This is a hands-on class which will include bandaging, spirometry, blood pressure, sutures and much more. Perfect for those students with an interest in the medical field.

PLAP 0001 - Summer Youth Experience: Plumbing Introduction

The class provides youth with a hands-on introduction to plumbing systems and plumbing fixtures. The summer youth students will learn how to install water systems how to solder a copper joint and set standard plumbing fixtures.
ECE American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers image

ECEC 1378 - ECE American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers

Students in this course will learn critical concepts of high-quality CPR, with an advanced airway as well as the American Heart Association Chain of Survival both inside and outside hospital settings. Instruction will include 1 and 2-rescuer CPR and use of an Automated External Defibrillation (AED), bag-mask techniques, rescue breathing, relief of choking for adults, children and infants. Students will also learn differences between adult, child and infant rescue with emphasis on team resuscitation. This course is ideal for learners who prefer group interaction and feedback from an instructor while practicing skills. Books for this course are available in the DATC Bookstore or online at Classroom copies will be provided for student use during the course.
ECE Hazwoper (24 Hour) image

ECEC 1151 - ECE Hazwoper (24 Hour)

The 24-Hour HAZWOPER course is required for employees in an uncontrolled hazardous waste operation mandated by the Government. This course fulfills your certification under 29 CFR, Part 1910.120 (e), or other applicable state regulations for certification to the 24-hour Occasional Site Worker level.
ECE Hazwoper (8 Hour) Annual Refresher image

ECEC 1152 - ECE Hazwoper (8 Hour) Annual Refresher

The 8-Hour annual refresher HAZWOPER course meets the requirements in OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120 for workers at hazardous waste sites. This course is designed for general site workers who remove hazardous waste, or who are exposed to (or potentially exposed to) hazardous substances and/or health hazards.
ECE Radiology Practical Technician image

ECEC 1684 - ECE Radiology Practical Technician

The Radiology Practical Technician (RPT) course offers students the opportunity to learn valuable skills in the field of radiology. Students will receive training in necessary aspects of radiology such as the medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, standard radiographic image techniques, use of radiographic equipment, basic physics principles and radiation safety and protection.

This is a test prep course. It prepares students to sit for the ARRT Limited Scope of Practice in Radiography Exam.

ECEC 1603 - ECE Incident Commander Refresher

This Incident Commander course is designed to provide students with a refresher on the knowledge and skills needed to assume responsibility and make decisions relating to the management of a hazardous materials incident.

ELAP 1012 - Electrical 1B

First year, second semester electrical students will continue to gain an understanding of the National Electrical Code and residential requirements. An introductory study of swimming pools, service calculations, and heating and air conditioning calculations will be covered during this course. Also, students will continue their study of electrical theory with parallel and combination circuit calculations. A competency test will be given upon completion of the course.

ELAP 1021 - Electrical 2A

This course will consist of Basic Trigonometry, as related to right triangles and Alternating Current (AC) theory. The student will learn about single and three-phase AC power systems, inductance, capacitance, reactance, and power factor and power correction. Single and three-phase transformer theory and calculations will also be covered. Students will also begin a more comprehensive examination of the requirements of the National Electrical Code (NEC). A competency test will be given upon completion of the course.

ELAP 1031 - Electrical 3A

This course will provide the students will a detailed understanding of commercial electrical plan reading. Students will also study applications and procedures required for commercial wiring. A comprehensive understanding of NEC requirements for grounding and bonding of electrical systems will also be covered in this course. A competency test will be given upon completion of the course.

ELAP 1041 - Electrical 4A

Fourth year electrical students will learn basic skills for becoming crew leader and managing electrical hazards. Conductor terminations and splices, medium voltage terminations and splices, distribution systems, heat and freezing protection, and special locations will be included. A competency test will be given upon completion of the course.

PLAP 1012 - Plumbing 1B

Plumbing 1B explores industry mathematics including standard weight pipe, copper tubing, plastic pipe, welded steel piping, and allowances for threaded pipe and copper fittings and weld-type fittings. During this course, you will study equal spacing, angles in plumbing, offset, diagonal and rise or run, solving angle problems, and Wye and Tee-wye assemblies. In addition, you will review fixture faucets and fittings with the International Plumbing Code, as well as fixture and appliance installation, system maintenance and repair, and water and sewage treatment plants.

PLAP 1021 - Plumbing 2A

Plumbing 2A emphasizes administration, definitions, general regulations, fixtures, faucets and fixtures, water heaters, water supply and distribution for International Plumbing Code. During this course, you will study water systems, joining pipes, and private water systems for residential plumbing. You will also be introduced to blueprint reading, sketches and diagrams for Plumbers, and rough-in locations. Finally, you will explore how to set toilets, including wall-hung, floor mount and urinals, install sinks, and repair valves.

PLAP 1031 - Plumbing 3A

Plumbing 3A explores general regulations, fixtures, faucets, and fixtures for the International Plumbing Code. Throughout this course, you will study water heating, Vents, combustible air, chimney, and vents in the International Mechanical Code. You will also examine rectangular solids, cylinders, and spheres in mathematics. Finally, you will practice how to join PVC pipes and fittings, soldering copper pipes, and fittings.

PLAP 1041 - Plumbing 4A

Plumbing 4A introduces traps and commercial applications as well as storm drainage for the International Plumbing Code. During this course, you will study boilers, water heaters, and pressure vessels as part of the International Mechanical Code. You will also be introduced to welding safety, Oxy-acetylene cutting SMAW (ARC) welding, and GMAW (TIG) welding as it applies to the plumbing industry. Finally, you will review Plumbing trade formulas.