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ELAP 1012 - Electrical 1B

First year, second semester electrical students will continue to gain an understanding of the National Electrical Code and residential requirements. An introductory study of swimming pools, service calculations, and heating and air conditioning calculations will be covered during this course. Also, students will continue their study of electrical theory with parallel and combination circuit calculations. A competency test will be given upon completion of the course.

ELAP 1022 - Electrical 2B

This course will provide the student with an introductory understanding of the National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements for grounding and bonding and motor calculations. A more comprehensive examination of NEC requirements for wiring methods and materials will be provided. Students will learn the functions and uses of DC and AC motors and generators. A competency test will be given upon completion of the course.

ELAP 1032 - Electrical 3B

This course will consist of basic and complex electrical motor control systems and their fundamental concepts, diagrams, and applications. Students will also gain a comprehensive knowledge of the National Electrical Code requirements for wiring and protecting of motors and motor circuits. A competency test will be given upon completion of the course.

ELAP 1042 - Electrical 4B

The student will review principals of AC and DC theory, mathematics relating to the study of electricity, National Electrical Code mathematical formulas, motors, motor controllers, transformer calculation, and undertake an intensive study of the National Electrical Code. The intention of the course is to prepare the student for the journeyman qualifying examination. Due to the course content each student can expect 12 hours or more per week of homework type study outside the classroom. At the end of the course the student will demonstrate journeyman level competency by completing a practice test consisting of closed book theory, open book National Electrical Code, and math calculation. Prerequisites: ELAP 1041 Electrical 4A; successful completion of all previous years’ apprenticeship classes with a "C+" grade or better, or can show equivalency in education.

PLAP 1012 - Plumbing 1B

Plumbing 1B explores industry mathematics including standard weight pipe, copper tubing, plastic pipe, welded steel piping, and allowances for threaded pipe and copper fittings and weld-type fittings. During this course, you will study equal spacing, angles in plumbing, offset, diagonal and rise or run, solving angle problems, and Wye and Tee-wye assemblies. In addition, you will review fixture faucets and fittings with the International Plumbing Code, as well as fixture and appliance installation, system maintenance and repair, and water and sewage treatment plants.

PLAP 1022 - Plumbing 2B

Plumbing 2B explores secondary drainage, indirect and special waste, and vents as they are defined in the International Plumbing Code. Throughout this course, you will study drainage systems, septic systems, and water treatment as they apply to residential plumbing. You will also examine mathematic concepts including: grade, percent grade, drop and run, elevation and grade, elevation in a plan view pipe diagram, 45-degree offsets in parallel, and rolling offsets.

PLAP 1032 - Plumbing 3B

Plumbing 3B studies the International Plumbing Code in which you will review vents, commercial applications, indirect waste, commercial/industrial waste applications, water supply and distribution, and special piping and storage systems. Special piping and storage systems will also be included. In the International Fuel and Gas Code, you will explore pipe materials, sizing, gas valves and controls, installation requirements, appliance connections, and supplemental and standby gas supplies.

PLAP 1042 - Plumbing 4B

Plumbing 4B explores the International Mechanical Code including boilers, water heaters, pressure vessels, refrigeration, and hydronic piping. In the International Plumbing Code, you will review all applicables in preparation for the Utah Journeyman license written exam. You will also study hydronics systems, including radiant floor heating, distribution and piping systems, expansion tanks, air removal, and auxiliary heating loads. Extensive laboratory work will be spent on projects to simulate the Utah Journeyman license practical exam.