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IAMT 0005 - Summer Youth Experience: Automate a Robotic Arm

Students will learn basic mechanical and electrical principles to design, automate and program a robotic arm that would be used in industrial automation. (Students will receive simulation software.) Cost includes a $99 robotic arm kit. This course is eligible for a Boy Scout Merit Badge. Boy Scouts are required to bring their own Blue Card for the instructor to sign.

AUTO 0001 - Summer Youth Experience: Basic Automotive Care

Basic Automotive Maintenance provides instruction on the proper maintenance regime for your vehicle and what basic maintenance you can perform safely such as fixing flat tires, changing oil, and maintaining a vehicle.

ITEC 0004 - Summer Youth Experience: Building A Secure Computer System

Learn the fundamentals of processors, motherboards, CPU, video cards and more. Then use all that knowledge to build a secure computer system.

COMP 0003 - Summer Youth Experience: Building Parts out of Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass

Students will use carbon fiber materials to learn about the composites field.

ITEC 0003 - Summer Youth Experience: Coding for Teens

Teens are creative and coding demands creativity. In this short course, students will create colorful web pages and learn how to make great ideas come to life on the computer screen. Find out how to be successful in one of the fastest-growing, highest-paying job fields in America.

DENA 0003 - Summer Youth Experience: Explore Dentistry

This course introduces students to the dental profession and explores the skills used in dental care. Students will take dental impressions, learn dental terminology and practice with dental instruments.

DMDC 0007 - Summer Youth Experience: Exploring Adobe Photoshop

Delve into the world of digital creativity with our Summer Youth Experience course, Exploring Adobe Photoshop. This dynamic program equips students with fundamental skills to navigate Adobe Photoshop, an essential tool for crafting captivating web pages and multimedia projects. Participants will immerse themselves in tool functionalities, layer management, and image transformation techniques. Join us on this exciting journey to unlock the boundless possibilities of digital design while experiencing the Web and Graphic Design program at Davis Technical College.

PLAP 0001 - Summer Youth Experience: Plumbing Introduction

The class provides youth with a hands-on introduction to plumbing systems and plumbing fixtures. The summer youth students will learn how to install water systems how to solder a copper joint and set standard plumbing fixtures.

IAMT 0003 - Summer Youth Experience: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

The course includes an applied experience on operating and constructing a fully functional quadcopter kit. The students are provided with theory through lectures and hands-on activities that focus on history, safety and construction of quadcopter kits. Instructor will guide the students through the assembly process and initial flight plans. Students will be provided with lectures that focus on quadcopter kit assembly and operation. Supply fee: $50.00 (includes basic quadcopter kit) *Does not include controller. Controllers will be available for use in class but will be needed separately outside of class.

ELAP 1031 - Electrical 3A

This course will provide the students will a detailed understanding of commercial electrical plan reading. Students will also study applications and procedures required for commercial wiring. A comprehensive understanding of NEC requirements for grounding and bonding of electrical systems will also be covered in this course. A competency test will be given upon completion of the course.

ELAP 1041 - Electrical 4A

Fourth year electrical students will learn basic skills for becoming crew leader and managing electrical hazards. Conductor terminations and splices, medium voltage terminations and splices, distribution systems, heat and freezing protection, and special locations will be included. A competency test will be given upon completion of the course.

TEEL 1210 - Electrician Apprentice IIA

The Electrician Apprentice IIA course discusses single-phase and three-phase alternating current (AC) power systems, inductance, capacitance, reactance, power factor, and power correction. In this course, students will begin a more comprehensive analysis of National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements and calculations. They will explore the NEC requirements for wiring methods and installations of electrical systems as well as electrical safety in the use of energized equipment.

PLAP 1031 - Plumbing 3A

Plumbing 3A explores general regulations, fixtures, faucets, and fixtures for the International Plumbing Code. Throughout this course, you will study water heating, Vents, combustible air, chimney, and vents in the International Mechanical Code. You will also examine rectangular solids, cylinders, and spheres in mathematics. Finally, you will practice how to join PVC pipes and fittings, soldering copper pipes, and fittings.

PLAP 1041 - Plumbing 4A

Plumbing 4A introduces traps and commercial applications as well as storm drainage for the International Plumbing Code. During this course, you will study boilers, water heaters, and pressure vessels as part of the International Mechanical Code. You will also be introduced to welding safety, Oxy-acetylene cutting SMAW (ARC) welding, and GMAW (TIG) welding as it applies to the plumbing industry. Finally, you will review Plumbing trade formulas.

TEPL 1210 - Plumbing IIA

The Plumbing IIA course introduces the fundamentals of plumbing theory for the apprentice plumbers and covers the International Plumbing Code (IPC), related math, and craft skills.