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IAMT 0001 - Summer Youth Experience: Automate a Robotic Arm

In this course, students will learn basic sensing and locomotion principles as they build and control a robotic e-puck using computer simulation. While using lab equipment such as oscilloscopes, multimeters, power supplies, function generators and frequency counters, students will also design, automate and program a robotic arm.

AUTO 0001 - Summer Youth Experience: Basic Automotive Care

Basic Automotive Maintenance provides instruction on the proper maintenance regime for your vehicle and what basic maintenance you can perform safely such as fixing flat tires, changing oil, and maintaining a vehicle.

CULA 0003 - Summer Youth Experience: Become A Chef

Become a Chef: Culinary Arts Basics. June 14-16, 11:00am - 2:00pm. Tuesday-Thursday. Culinary Arts Kitchen. Introduction to Culinary Arts Basics. Students will be immersed into the Culinary Profession through hands on kitchen activities including, Doughnuts, Pizza, Decorated Cookies, Pastry Creams. Students will be required to obtain a Food Handlers Permit prior to enrolling. Cost includes a $40 lab fee

ITEC 0004 - Summer Youth Experience: Building A Secure Computer System

Learn the fundamentals of processors, motherboards, CPU, video cards and more. Then use all that knowledge to build a secure computer system.

COMP 0003 - Summer Youth Experience: Building Parts out of Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass

Students will use carbon fiber materials to learn about the composites field.

ITEC 0003 - Summer Youth Experience: Coding for Teens

Teens are creative and coding demands creativity. In this short course, students will create colorful web pages and learn how to make great ideas come to life on the computer screen. Find out how to be successful in one of the fastest-growing, highest-paying job fields in America.

IAMT 0006 - Summer Youth Experience: Drones/Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Students will learn to operate and construct a fully functional quadcopter kit. The students are provided with theory through lectures and hands-on activities that focus on history, safety and construction of UAV’s. The instructor will guide the students through the assembly process and initial flight plans. Students will receive their very own quadcopter to take home.

DENA 0003 - Summer Youth Experience: Explore Dentistry

This course introduces students to the dental profession and explores the skills used in dental care. Students will take dental impressions, learn dental terminology and practice with dental instruments.

MEDA 0002 - Summer Youth Experience: Explore Medical Assisting

This course will take a look at all things Medical Assisting. This is a hands-on class which will include bandaging, spirometry, blood pressure, sutures and much more. Perfect for those students with an interest in the medical field.